Cambodia National Rescue Party Praises International Response to Cambodia’s Sham Election

In response to Cambodia’s sham election, the Cambodia National Rescue Party issued the following statement about the international community’s response:

“Parallel with the mounting evidence emerging of the mass manipulation of the July 29 vote, the Cambodia National Rescue Party continues to closely monitor the international responses to the electoral sham.

“CNRP emphasizes the importance of the expressed positions that the Cambodian elections were ‘neither fair nor credible’ (United Kingdom), ‘not enough to lend the election results legitimacy’ (Germany) and taking the country away from ‘legitimate democracy’ (New Zealand).

“Alongside the earlier expressed positions by Australia, Canada, France, European Union and United States, these statements are a clear indication that the Hun Sen dictatorial regime is becoming further isolated as undemocratic and illegitimate.

“The increasing number of statements from important and friendly nations further encourages the wider membership of the Cambodian National Rescue Party which suffers from daily oppression and intimidation. They serve as inspiration to the jailed CNRP Leader Kem Sokha and the other incarcerated and exiled party leaders to persevere in their fight for freedom, justice and democracy.

“CNRP reminds that many of the countries that have rejected the electoral results are signatories of the Paris Peace Accords from 1991 which as an international treaty stipulate that Cambodia is obliged to ‘follow a system of liberal democracy, on the basis of pluralism’, where ‘periodic and genuine elections’ will respect ‘a requirement that electoral procedures provide a full and fair opportunity to organize and participate in the electoral process.’

“The one-party state that Hun Sen and his Cambodian People’s Party want to cement on August 19 with swearing-in of the new Parliament must be resolutely rejected and not be recognized.

“The illegitimate and illegal transformation of the Cambodian state will lead to sanctions and Hun Sen’s continuous de-facto leadership will bring only suffering to the Cambodian people. CNRP warmly welcomes the expressed readiness by many governments to work with Cambodian partners to restore Cambodia’s democratic institutions and processes to allow free and fair elections to be held.

“Given the noted blatant breach of the Cambodian Constitution and the Paris Peace Accords in the numerous statements by countries-signatories of the Accords, CNRP calls on invoking Article 5, in which the co-Chairmen of the Paris Conference on Cambodia will undertake immediate ‘consultations with a view to adopting all appropriate steps to ensure respect for the international commitments and resolving the noted violations through peaceful means.’

“CNRP is prepared to participate in such a dialogue aimed at restoring the plural liberal democracy in the country and safeguarding the peace and security in the country and the region.”